With blockchain iot and cryptocurrency. We strive to make everything more touchable and transparent for farming ecosystem around the globe.

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AGC Specification

Name Description
Type POW
Algo Scrypt
Total Supply 466,656,250
Premine 41,000,000 (8%)
ICO 24,600,000 (60% From Premine)
Bounty Program 12,300,000 (30% From Premine)
Dev 4,100,000 (10% From Premine)

What is AgriCoin

Agricoin (AGC) is a cryptocurrency with a purpose to support the growth of farming, plantation, aquaculture and the related ecosystems. This cryptocurrency act as transaction intermediary using blockchain-based technology. This digital money fulfills the required attributes such as decentralized and independent. No single authority can control the distribution mechanism including us as development team. The exchange rate is fully and solely determined by the market itself.

Peer to Peer

Based on distributed system, technically each transaction works on peer-to-peer mechanism. No actual intermediary units or brokers to control the transaction.

World Wide Payment

Agricoin (AGC) works without boundary. It enables payment and remittance process of farming products worldwide..

AGC Blockchain

In addition to the current similar cryptocurrency platforms that already proven and well known, Agricoin (AGC) promotes further compatibilty and flexibility with other blockchain technologies.

Best partner for your farming ecosystem

The AGC is tailor-made for farming ecosystems, so our technology and ecosystem are specific to lifting the world of agriculture in some asia countries

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Agricoin work and progress

Agricoin (AGC) is not only about technology but further we promote the contagious idea of fair and ethical business practice in agricultural industries. We take the position as connecting infrastructure among agribusiness components such as farmers, farmer’s cooperatives, financial institutions, warehousing and distribution systems, commodities marketplace, start-up communities and many more.


Our plan is to do ICO on 1st november 2017 until 20 november 2017.


We believe that the only way our ecosystem can grow is by developing a dynamic collaboration with related stakeholders especially other financial institutions.


After we collaborate with some stake holder, we will distributed our asset to farmers around the globe, inculding Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Philipphine and Japan.

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Our Partner

Our Team

Riski Yudistira

Developer & CEO

Dwi putro

Project Manager

Moch Fauzi

Developer and Hustler

Wasis G

Business Development

Anton Dewantoro

IOT Developer